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Safely lock your files in the new encrypted Web3 Vault

Store and backup your files with true end-to-end encrypted file storage. Data integrity & privacy under your exclusive control.

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Proven encryption,
Private decryption.

Store your most sensitive files using password manager and crypto-grade data security and encryption. Only you control your seed phrase.

Encrypt your files knowing they are stored using the most advanced encryption technologies on the internet. The easy way to safely store and access all of your most important files with greater security and mobile apps on all platforms.  

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Share files guaranteeing their authenticity automatically in a shared secure vault.

When you have to make absolutely certain that you and your friend, co-worker, or a family member are looking at the exact same version of a file, you can rest assured your file is arriving at its destination without alteration. We give you greater control of your data integrity in the most private cloud storage service.

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How does decentralized private cloud storage work?

We use client-side end-to-end encryption to store your files on the decentralized IPFS network

Decentralized systems by default, are tamper-proof and censorship-proof. Your data is not stored on our servers, they are encrypted and stored on the IPFS network, and only your seed phrase can decrypt them. So even if we get hacked, your files are still safe, encrypted, and private. We put your data integrity and data privacy first in a private cloud storage service. Start now with 1GB of free data storage.

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Coming Soon

Upgrade your business' private cloud storage solution for your mission-critical files.

For business users, unlock powerful features to securely store your sensitive data programmatically using our REST API. Ensure your data integrity using the Solana blockchain with Hashprints. Public API, SDK's, and custom support coming very soon.

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